If your goal is to have skin that feels as soft as a baby’s bum,
Mood’s Body care products have you covered,
quite literally!



All mood body care products are shea butter-based, which means goodbye ashy skin. In addition to having your skin always moisturized and hydrated, shea butter also has tremendous benefits. From clearing stretch marks, acne, to managing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The list goes on.


This shea butter is locally farmed and harvested in Nigeria. Which means it is raw and organic. One of the biggest tells of unadulterated shea butter is that it is never truly white. It comes in different shades of cream, some even look yellow. The only way shea butter comes out absolute white is if it has been processed.


I can proudly say that the body care line is homemade and contains organic products only. Each item goes for $14.99 only. I would recommend getting both the lotion and body butter for maximum results. Get yours today.










It’s time you start unapologetically taking care of your skin babe.


Imagine what would happen if you start taking care of your body the same way you take care of your face. Glowing supple skin is not far from being your actual reality. With mood body care products, you don't even have to break the bank. You can buy yours for $14.99 only!


What if you could…

   -  Have radiantly glowing skin at all times

   -  Transform your dry skin

-  Never have ashy elbows and knees

- Get rid of skin scarring and stretchmarks all with one product

Babe, you can and you deserve radiant healthy skin too!



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